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What We Offer

Book editors do a lot more than just read and edit raw manuscripts. They are a key part of the chain of command in publishing and have a lot of influence over the success of an author’s work by ensuring they are always presenting the best version of their written imagination.

Rigorous editorial scrutiny from editors remains the optimum way to improving any manuscript – fiction, non-fiction. Accuracy, continuity, fact-checking, grammar and spelling precision are just a few of the qualities we bring to our services

Many writers self-publish these days and we’d love to help you too. So, if you haven’t got a publisher, why not try to go it alone? You’ll still need to ensure that an impartial third party helps you to get your error-free words of inspiration in front of an appreciative audience.


Andrew Hastie

Andrew Hastie is the author of the best-selling time-travel novels, The Infinity Engines.

Change the past. Save the future.

History is not as stable as you may think. The guilds of the Oblivion Order patrol the paths of the past, using the timelines of artifacts to navigate through back through time. They are the agents of change, the ones responsible for keeping the continuum on track – saving us from obliteration.

David H. Dighton

Food and the heart, and, how to avoid becoming a heart patient! Most know what is bad for their heart (saturated fats, trans fats) but few know what is positively good for it – foods that contain those micronutrients that can prevent the ‘furring’ of arteries (atherosclerosis) – the cause of angina, heart attacks, and some cases stroke, dementia and heart failure. In addition, learn about heart disease and how we test for it to make the earliest possible diagnosis.

“If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it.”

Albert Einstein