Brand Development


With over 30 years of brand management experience we feel we are well placed to advise business on how to go about rebranding their image for the 21stcentury and the digital age. We’ve overseen the rebranding of pizza companies, construction businesses, confectionery retailers and freight forwarders.

We use our project management skills and ability to bring together clients and agencies to create a brand that is modern, accessible and fit for purpose.


Brunel Group

Brunel is a major player in the UK’s freight forwarding industry, moving goods of any size and volume anywhere in the world, whether by plane, ship or road and the new branding allows easy adaptability of the mark across all the various divisions of the company.

Mr Simms

For years, Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe traded on an image of tradition, old style sweet shops and friendly customers service with a huge variety of old fashioned sweets. The brand needed to be brought up to date and after many iterations, focus groups and franchisee input, we helped to oversee the introduction of the fresh new look across web, products and their 75 shops throughout the UK.

“If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it.”

Albert Einstein